What needs to be done?

Since it is required for such a complex subject to draw from knowledge, contributions and experiences from many different areas – naturally beyond our borders as well, the association will call on cooperative entrepreneurs as well as scientific institutions (universities, colleges etc.), and invite all those whom the subject concerns directly to play an active part in our work.

We believe that it is time to contribute together to the advancement of the central cooperative idea. Our association therefore offers all interested parties the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of a contemporary, forward-looking and continuously successful field of cooperatives.

In order to realise the given tasks within the framework of the association, it is necessary to build a technical library, assign papers on subjects closely related to cooperative business and hold events (speeches, discussions...). Annual membership and seminar fees, as well as other sources of income shall raise the necessary funds.

We are convinced that your membership will be a considerable contribution to the advancement of the self-evident need for cooperatives, as well as to the possibility for reorientation in our modern age.


International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research
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How did IGA evolve?

Alpine cooperatives boast 100 years of success


IGA Research Award

IGA awards substantial prize money to support research on cooperatives, especially in the Alpine region.


What needs to be done?

We believe that it is time to work together on enhancing the central cooperative idea.


International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research
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