What are the goals of IGA?


  • Systematic review of all the factors that in the past led to both cooperative successes and failures
  • Compilation and discussion of altered fundamentals and general conditions for every cooperative
  • Attempt at reorientation
  • Possibility to visit cooperative facilities in South Tyrol - Trentino, as well as Bavaria
  • Establishing a continuous exchange of experiences among cooperatives in South Tyrol, Trentino and Bavaria (as well as between separate co-operations)
  • Possibility to discuss and clarify cooperative issues, as well as specific queries concerning separate enterprises acting as cooperatives, also at especially held conventions, that may additionally be organised together with the University of Innsbruck
  • A concise presentation of problems, as well as the drafting of a catalogue of solutions to questions that are of general importance from the point of view of cooperative entrepreneurs, but also with respect to the particular circumstances that individual cooperatives have to deal with. They shall be developed in the form of seminar papers and theses that could be assigned to students of Innsbruck University, among others.


International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research
Pechestraße 12
A-6020 Innsbruck
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How did IGA evolve?

Alpine cooperatives boast 100 years of success


IGA Research Award

IGA awards substantial prize money to support research on cooperatives, especially in the Alpine region.


What needs to be done?

We believe that it is time to work together on enhancing the central cooperative idea.


International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research
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