IGA – International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research

The International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research is an association under association law, registered with the competent association authority (currently the federal police headquarters in Innsbruck). Alpine cooperatives can look back on a more than 100-year success story. The IGA Association sees itself as a research institute that has its main focus in particular, but not exclusively, on Alpine countries. Therefore, all of our current partners originate from the Alpine region.

19th IGA annual conference 2015

19th annual conference on the topic "Can the cooperative mission still succeed in adding value?"


18thIGA annual conference 2014

The International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research held its 18th annual conference in the event centre “Forum Brixen” in Brixen, South Tyrol, on 14 November 2014. The topic was: "Local roots and unlimited information technology – a corporate dilemma for cooperatives?"


17th IGA annual conference 2013

The 17th IGA annual conference took place on Friday, 15 November 2013 at the Hilton Hotel in Innsbruck. Topic: "Energy through cooperatives – an opportunity for the region"


16th IGA annual conference 2011

The IGA annual conference 2011 took place on Friday, 18 November 2011 in Merano, Mais in the event centre KiMM. Topic: "Conflicting opportunities of honorary posts between cooperative tradition and contemporary business management"


15th IGA annual conference 2010

The IGA annual conference 2010 took place on Thursday, 4 November 2010 in Innsbruck. Topic: "Performance and management audits"


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How did IGA evolve?

Alpine cooperatives boast 100 years of success


IGA Research Award

IGA awards substantial prize money to support research on cooperatives, especially in the Alpine region.


What needs to be done?

We believe that it is time to work together on enhancing the central cooperative idea.


International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research
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