The 22nd IGA annual conference took place on Thursday, 15 November 2018, at the Eurac in Bolzano. Topic: "An idea as a driving force for the future?" read more

Executive Board

Prof Arnulf Perkounigg
Chairman of the Board IGA Association
former Director Raiffeisen Association Tyrol

Mr Günther Griessmair
Chief Editor Cooperativ, Austrian Cooperative Association Schulze-Delitzsch, Vienna

Prof Dr Hans Hofinger
former Lawyer of the Austrian Cooperative Association Schulze-Delitzsch, Vienna

Dr Andrea Karner
International Confederation of Popular Banks(CIBP) General Secretary, Brussels

Director of Revision, Dr Robert Nicolussi
Raiffeisen Association South Tyrol

Mr Hans Partl
former Director of Tirol Milch

Mr Peter Sapl
Director Raiffeisen Association Tyrol

Prof Dr Rudolf Steckel
University of Innsbruck
Institute for Accounting, Taxation and Auditing

Prof Dr Franco Taisch
University of Lucerne,
Institute for Company Law

Ms Regina Wenninger
Bavarian Cooperative Association
Board and Communication


    Prof Arnulf Perkounigg
    Pechestraße 12
    6020 Innsbruck
    Mobile: +43 664 1840053

      Scientific Advisory Board

      Chairman: Prof Rudolf Steckel
      University of Innsbruck
      Professor of Business Administration, in particular auditing
      Head of Institute for Accounting, Taxation and Auditing
      Research areas and expertise:
      o Annual audit according to national, European and international regulations
      o Cooperative auditing
      o Internal auditing
      o Internal control systems
      o Business valuation
      o Accounting (German Commercial Code, International Financial Reporting Standards, consolidated accounting)
      o Business taxation (reorganisation, quantification of tax effects)
      Expertise in areas connected to business administration.
      Thanks to various contacts, it is possible to appoint experts in all areas of accounting and auditing for consultancy projects or training.

      Deputy Chairman: Prof Gottfried Tappeiner
      University of Innsbruck
      Head of Institute
      Institute of Economic Theory, Policy and History
      Faculty of Economics and Statistics

      Member: Prof Hanns Fitz
      University of Innsbruck
      Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law
      Research focuses and expert activities in:
      o Banking law
      o Product liability
      o Company law together with conversion right
      o Unfair competition law and advertising law
      o Group law
      o European commercial, banking and securities law
      o German and international civil, commercial and company law

      Member: Prof Peter Welzel
      University of Augsburg
      Chair of Economics
      Research areas and expertise:
      o Competitive analysis in strategic interaction
      o Hedging strategies in uncertainty and their effect on markets
      o Empirical efficiency analyses with non-parametric and economic methods
      o Incentive aspects of organisational and contract design
      o Economic potentials of ubiquitous computing
      Together with the chair for organisation and company management, the institute can offer and impart expertise regarding issues such as s of organisation or remuneration design.
      The chair is also involved in the elite course of study Finance and Information Management at the University of Augsburg and the Technical University of Munich.

      Member: Dr Georg Miribung
      University of Innsbruck
      Institute for Italian Law
      European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano
      Institute of Regional Development and Location
      Research focuses and expert activities in:
      o Cooperative law and cooperative systems
      o Banking law
      o Sociology of law
      o Company law
      o Economic analysis of law

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