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The 12th IGA Convention took place on 16 November 2007 in Merano (South Tyrol)

top from left: David Zwilling, Dr. Georg Lun, Univ. Prof. DDr. Waldemar Jud, Dir. Rag. Konrad Palla,RAin Regina Wenninger, Ök.-Rat Peter Hechenberger
central from left: David Zwilling, Dr. Georg Lun, Univ. Prof. DDr. Waldemar Jud
bottom: Dir. Rag. Konrad Palla (l), Dir. Mag. Arnulf Perkounigg

12th cooperative conference, 16th of November 2007 in Meran – South Tyrol

Cooperatives – the economic driver in rural areas

The 12th conference of the “Internationales Forschungsinstitut für das Genossenschaftswesen im Alpenraum” (International Research Institute resp. Cooperatives in the Alps) taking place at the “Pavillon des Fleurs” in Meran, South Tyrol, in 2007 dealed with the general topic “Cooperatives – the economic driver in rural areas”. Well-known lecturer questioned the significance of cooperatives for the region in which they are effective, and stated the importance of them.

David Zwilling – ski downhill world champion in 1974 – caused a stir with his concept “desire is goal: strategy for becoming a successful region”. The aim of this strategy is to promote the economy in a sustainable way. A combination of companies, private persons, tourists and regional institutions shall – due to intense cooperation - release a strong pulse to 3 selected regions. All members profit from this cooperation. In this concept, ad hoc constituted cooperatives play a big role.

With his statements regarding “contribution to value creation by cooperations in regions” Dr. Georg Lun (Business Research Institute of the Board of Trade, Bolzano) pointed out the immense economic significance of cooperatives for the own catchment area. Even if the participation of Bavaria, South Tyrol and Tyrol is different, it’s not possible to abstain from their contribution whereas also the social impact should not be disregarded.

Not only the importance of the cooperatives for their own region should be pointed out. One should also be aware of the fact that the power of the cooperatives is a result of the existing network. In practice, this may lead to considerable problems respective competition law. In his contribution “The cooperative network in competition” Univ.-Prof. DDr. Waldemar Jud dealed with this demanding issue extensively and casted not only positive light on the current legal situation.

In the following discussion which was moderated by Dir. Rag. Konrad Palla, director of the Raiffeisenverband South Tyrol, other aspects have been explored and explanations engrossed. All things considered, the participants of this event were able to gain the gratification that cooperatives are acting far in excess of their original assignment in the particular regions and are engrained in a way that they are indispensable within the social and business environment.

In the name of the IGA I especially want to thank the speakers for their disposition to allocate their lecture to the public by printing of this volume 13 of the cooperative series.

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