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9th Cooperative Convention 16 November 2004 at EURAC – European Academy Bozen

09.30 Opening Director Konrad Palla, Welcome Federal Councillor Luisa Gnecchi

On the subject “Does the Support and Consulting Revision fall Victim to the EU?” the following renowned representatives from research, administration and practice will present their thoughts and insights at the European Academy Bozen (EURAC):

09.45 WP/StB Dipl.-Kfm. Georg Lanfermann: The 8th EU Directive on Statutory Audit

The EU Commission has proposed a new directive on annual audits within the EU. It shall ensure that investors and other interested circles can fully rely on the correctness of audited annual finances, and safeguard the EU against company scandals, which have recently brought Parmalat and Ahold to headlines worldwide. The proposal specifies the duties of auditors and predefines certain professional principles to ensure impartiality and autonomy, as for instance if audit companies offer their clients services unrelated to auditing. The directive shall introduce the obligation for external quality control, ensure a solid public supervision of the audit business and improve collaboration between the relevant EU offices. The proposal furthermore advises the application of international accounting standards to all annual audits conducted within the EU, and lays the foundation for a balanced and effective international co-operation with controlling authorities from third countries, such as the US-American Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

10.30 Professor Dr. Theresia Theurl: The 8th EU Directive from the Cooperatives’ Point of View

A separate regulation will have to be provided for cooperative revision. Theurl shall act as a strong voice on behalf of cooperative revision and prove that this form of auditing as consulting and support revision is entirely appropriate for imitation.

11.15 WP/StB Dipl.Kfm. Dr. Walter Brandner: The Cooperative Revision from the Practitioner’s Point of View

shall introduce suggestions and demonstrate that the consulting and support provision has proven successful during its practical application in cooperatives. It is therefore that a differentiation will have to be made in the implementation and beforehand in state laws and other provisions of law between cooperative audit as consulting and support revision and other forms of annual auditing.

12.00 Panel Discussion and Q&A Session featuring:

• Mag. Margareta Steffel, Chairman Austrian Cooperative Association Schulze Delitzsch
• Professor Dr. Markus Dellinger, Raiffeisen Association Austria
• Werner Eberle, Auditor, Cooperative Association Bavaria
• Director Rag. Konrad Palla, Raiffeisen Association South Tyrol
• Director Mag. Arnulf Perkounigg, Raiffeisen Association Tyrol
• Deputy Director. Dr. Robert Nicolussi, Raiffeisen Association South Tyrol

It is one of the goals of this event to direct appeals for their implementation to the EU and Brussels in particular, and also to the national law-makers in Germany, Italy and Austria, so that the special circumstances of the consulting and support revision in cooperatives are to be duly taken into account in the EU Directive and consequently the laws regulating the implementation of the European provisions.

The convention will be followed by the general assembly for IGA-members.

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