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8th Cooperative Convention, 7 October 2003 at Congress Centre Alpbach/Tyrol

The publication of the “Corporate Governance Code for Stock Corporations” gave rise to an inquiry into how far such regulations were necessary with respect to cooperatives. Professor Dr. Volker Peermöller, who teaches business economics at University Erlangen-Nuremberg, got to the heart of the question. He considered the implementation of confidence-building measures at enterprises an image boost since transparency and openness were also projected outside. It was therefore a topic that gained importance for cooperatives as well.

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Weber, who teaches applied physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Innsbruck University, reviewed the socio-political responsibilities of cooperatives favourably. He counted cooperative societies among those profit-oriented economic associations whose form and example were suited best for bearing social responsibilities, which also paid off economically.

During the unfortunately all too short panel discussion hosted by Professor Dr. Markus Delling, the topics addressed in the lectures were elaborated on and reviewed from additional points of view. With volume 9 in the “Cooperative Series” articles shall be made available for further discussions. We graciously thank the speakers for their permission to have their lectures reprinted in this brochure.

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