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7th Cooperative Convention, 10 October 2002 in Grainau near Garmisch/Bavaria

Mrs. Florence Kusters (EU Commission) lectured on "Future Prospects of Cooperatives from Brussels’ Point of View". Mrs. Kusters told the auditorium how much the expected amendments that the EU had planned would affect cooperatives in Europe and reported on the state of the on-going negotiations.

In the following panel discussion Professor Dr. Willibald Folz (Bavarian Cooperative Association), Dr. Wolfgang Salomo (Senior Consultant to the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Association), Professor DDr. Hans Hofinger (Legal Advisor Austrian Cooperative Association, President of the European Volksbanken Association), as well as Director Anton Kosta (Raiffeisen Bank Bruneck GmbH) analysed this topic from multiple angles.

In the afternoon, speeches were held by Arnuf Zöller (Bavarian Ministry of Culture) and Werner Stuflesser (President of the European Academy Bozen) on “Cooperatives – Stepchildren within the Educational System?”

The question arose if and to what degree cooperative societies were subject matter of the curriculum taught at educational institutions. It was unfortunately noticeable that knowledge about other forms of organisations was much more pronounced in comparison to cooperatives. Solutions and supervisory measures were consequently discussed.

The panel discussion took place under the participation of Dr. Werner Stuflesser (President of the European Academy Bozen), Dr. Klaus Steindl (Austrian Cooperative Association), Academy Director Martin Landmesser (Cooperative Society Bavaria), Director Konrad Palla (Raiffeisen Association South Tyrol), Director Mag. Arnulf Perkounigg (Raiffeisen Association Tyrol) and Dr. Stefan Prantauer (Superintendant for Agricultural Education Tyrol).

In the course of the panel discussion numerous contributions from the audience proved that there was great interest in the chosen topics, but most importantly made apparent the necessity to debate current topics related to cooperatives on a broad scale to keep the cooperative mindset adequately up-to-date.

Both lectures and panel discussions, including all questions and answers, will be published as part of the “Cooperative Series” by the “International Institute of Alpine Cooperative Research”. The latest volume will be available from the beginning of next year. The brochure costs 15 Euros plus p&p.

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