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6th Cooperative Convention, 7 November 2001 at the Raiffeisen Association South Tyrol in Bozen/South Tyrol

Speakers Dr. Ludwig Hüttl / Cooperative Association Bavaria - Professor Nadio Delai / Rome and Director Elena Romagnoli / Cooperative Institute Bologna attempted to draft answers and solutions.

Professor Dr. Ludwig Hüttl took cooperative history as an example to show that there was already a need to found cooperatives in earlier times because public authorities either no longer or insufficiently provided or performed certain services.

Professor Nadio Delai tried to provide answers as to why the state or public authorities continuously withdrew from certain responsibilities.

On the basis of concrete examples from the Bologna region, Elena Romagnoli pointed out what kind of responsibility cooperatives had to take over to compensate for the withdrawal of public authorities or the state as such from certain tasks or areas in order to aid those who are directly affected.

It became apparent in the course of the debate how important cooperative involvement was to equalise those deficits which were caused by the state’s retreat from numerous areas of responsibility.

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